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Introduction To The Mines Game At Jilievo Casino

Introduction To The Mines Game At Jilievo Casino

Mines is a fast-paced, exciting game where you hunt for gems on a grid. Uncover gems to win bigger prizes, but watch out – hidden bombs mean instant loss! Cash out your winnings anytime, or keep going for the ultimate payout. The more bombs you risk, the higher the potential reward. Are you ready to test your luck?

Mines Game At Jilievo Casino
Mines Game At Jilievo Casino

Mines Game Exciting Features

                        Feature                           Description
Provider Jili Games
Grid-based system Navigate a 5×5 grid, searching for valuable diamonds while strategically avoiding hidden mines. Your reward depends on how many gems you uncover
Volatility Mines feature volatility that ranges from low to medium..
Risk management Customize the number of mines for a thrilling, personalized Mines experience.
Immediate winning possibilities Players have the option to withdraw their earnings after each reveal.
Maximize value Achieving more consecutive picks results in a greater win value..
Strategy Players can employ a logical approach to identify most mines, or resort to making educated guesses for some.

Mines Game Symbol

No wonder why Mine Game stands out because of its unique symbol. Let’s tackle what Mines Game’s symbol means:

  • Gold Coin with a Star
    • The coin is gold, suggesting a high-value reward within the game.
    • It features a prominent star in the center, often used to denote premium quality or a bonus.
    • The star is encircled by a simple border, making it the focal point of the coin.
  • Round Bomb
    • The bomb is spherical, classic to the cartoon-style depiction of a bomb.
    • It’s dark navy blue, contrasting with the gold coin.
    • The bomb has a lit fuse on top, indicating that it’s ready to explode, which adds a sense of urgency to pick the right grid.
    • This symbol represents the mines players aim to avoid while playing the game.
  • Game Interface Elements
    • The images also show other interface elements, such as the word “MINES” in capitalized letters, which is the game title, and exploding bonuses and wins!
    • A displayed jackpot amount indicates a special prize within the game.
    • The game grid consists of covered tiles, each with a coin symbol. This suggests that players reveal the tiles in hopes of finding coins rather than bombs. So, choose the right grid!
  • Additional Interface Indicators
    • There’s a “Bet” indicator, which shows the player’s current wager.
    • A “Balance” indicator shows the player’s current available funds.
    • A “WIN” area is displayed to show the amount won in the current or last game played.

Will you find treasure or danger? Gold coins and bombs in Mines make every decision thrilling.

Key Features: Basic Rules, Jackpot, and Fairness.

Let’s explore the luck of the Mines Game. We are awaiting bonuses, which are exploding!

Mines Basic Rules:

  • Start with a 25-square grid. Make it easy or risky by choosing the number of hidden mines.
  • To start the game, click and select your bet. By clicking the ( Treasure Box), the Player may get the coins or a bomb.
  • Finding gold coins increases your winnings multiplier. Collect more gold for a higher payout.
  • Watch out for bombs! Finding one means your winnings disappear, and the game is over.

Special key Points

Cash Out Feature

  • Use the cash-out button to collect your winnings at any time before the game ends.

Internet Disconnect

  • If you lose your internet connection, the system will automatically cash out your winnings to protect them.

Interruption Rule

  • The results will be final once you start a round, even if there’s a technical problem.


  • This game offers a 97.50% RTP (Return to Player).


  1. Jackpot Contribution:
  • A small portion of each bet (0.7%) goes towards the progressive jackpots.
  1. Winning a Jackpot:
  • If you uncover enough gems without hitting a bomb, you’ll have a chance to win a jackpot. Jackpot chances reset after each round.
  1. Multiple Jackpots:
  • You might win multiple jackpots in the same round, but only the biggest one will be shown.
Name of jackpot Rewards (% of total jackpot)


  1. Jackpot Value Display:
  • The displayed jackpot amount might sometimes be slightly different from the actual prize due to minor delays.
  1. Jackpot Requirements:
  • The number of gems you need to find to win a jackpot depends on how many mines you chose for the grid.

Here is the Jackpot Guide:              

Number of Mines Numbers of Selections
1 20
2 14
3 10
4 8
5 6
6 5
7 5
8 4
9 4
10 3
11 3
12 2
13 2
14 2
15 2
16 2
17 2
18 2
19 2
20 1
21 1
22 1
23 1
24 1


  • If two players win the jackpot almost at the same time, the first player gets the full amount. The second player gets a smaller, reset jackpot.
  • If the jackpot system has a technical issue, it won’t affect the jackpot amounts or player contributions. The jackpot will continue where it left off once the issue is fixed.


Play with confidence! The Mines game uses a fair , verifiable technology to ensure every outcome is random and unbiased.

How the Game Ensures Fairness

  • Each result is truly random: The outcome of each round isn’t pre-determined. It’s created by a combination of secret codes and a random number.
  • You can help mix things up: Before each round, you’ll see a code. You have the option to click a button, which changes your personal code and makes the outcome even more unpredictable.
How the Game Ensures Fairness
How the Game Ensures Fairness

Keeping Results Unpredictable and Fair:

  • We protect the secret code: To make sure no one can guess the outcome in advance, we keep a part of the code hidden (the server seed). However, we will give you a way to check it later.
  • You can verify results after the game: You can look back in your game history to see the secret code. This lets you confirm that the outcome was fair and not changed by the system.


Here is the guide and purpose of Game Controls:

  • Tap this button to start the game!
  • Tap to see your current winnings.
  • Tap to start auto-play, tap again to stop.
  • Tap “Bet” to change how much you wager each round.
  • Tap “Mines” to adjust the difficulty.
  • Tap “Option” for instructions and sound controls.
  • Tap “Game Rules” for details and additional options.
  • Tap to turn off and on the game sound.
  • Tap “Fairness” to check the codes used for a fair outcome before starting the game.


The Mines game at Jilievo Casino offers a thrilling mix of luck and strategy and the chance for big wins. Customize your gameplay and discover your winning strategy—sign up and play today.

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