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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Jilievo Casino, your premier online gaming destination. Before you dive into the excitement, it’s essential to acknowledge and understand the following terms and conditions that govern the use of our services. By accessing and using Jilievo Casino, you agree to comply with these terms, which are crafted in accordance with the legal business license we hold from the Philippines and are subject to the protective laws and regulations therein.

Legal Compliance

Users must ensure their engagement with Jilievo Casino’s services adheres to the laws and regulations of their country and residence. Jilievo Casino disclaims responsibility for any user violation of local laws.

Acceptance of Regulations

Logging into our platform signifies unconditional acceptance of our rules and regulations. Users are advised to review these periodically for any changes.

Transaction Agreement

All users should acquaint themselves with the betting rules set by Jilievo Casino before wagering. By placing bets, users agree to all terms and conditions set forth by the platform.

Account Security

Regularly update your login and fund passwords to safeguard your account. Bets placed with your account information are deemed valid, and Jilievo Casino is not liable for losses due to compromised account details.

Betting Terms

Bets not submitted successfully are null. Disconnections during draws do not affect outcomes. In case of discrepancies, the platform may refund or adjust bets based on the actual situation. Jilievo Casino’s records are authoritative in case of disputes.

Fair Play

Users found exploiting vulnerabilities, using illicit methods, or harming platform interests, individually or in collusion, risk bet cancellation, bonus forfeiture, and account deactivation. Misconduct, including exploiting bugs for financial gain or spreading false information, will lead to frozen accounts and forfeited balances.

Multiple Accounts and Promotions

Duplicate account creation is prohibited. Jilievo Casino reserves the right to retract bonuses and profits if abuse is detected. Offers are limited to one unique user account, address, email, phone number, payment method, and shared computing environment.

Anti-Money Laundering

Users must wager 30% of their deposits in lottery games before withdrawal. Failure to comply will result in declined financial transactions.

Customer Service

Official customer service is accessed only via the online service link on the platform. Any communication outside this channel is not endorsed by Jilievo Casino and is not our responsibility.

Recharge Policy

Recharge account details may change; always verify the latest account information before transacting. Jilievo Casino is not responsible for losses due to incorrect transfers.

Identity Verification

Jilievo Casino may request documentation to confirm identity. Players must comply to receive bonuses or withdrawals. Non-compliance results in the forfeiture of account balances.

Liability Statement

  • Users under 18 are prohibited.
  • Users are responsible for their account security and personal information.
  • “Web-based online customer service” is the sole official channel for support.
  • Users should not delegate significant operations to third parties; Jilievo Casino is not liable for losses incurred through such actions.
  • Bound email addresses must be accurate and unchangeable; Jilievo Casino is not liable for binding errors.
  • Jilievo Casino reserves the right to modify these terms and the game rules, with changes effective upon announcement.
  • The platform holds the final say in unaddressed matters or disputes.

By continuing to use Jilievo Casino’s services after the announcement of any updates to these terms, you are consenting to the modified provisions.

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