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Overview Of The Color Game At Jilievo Casino

Overview Of The Color Game At Jilievo Casino

Imagine a fun carnival game in which you choose a color: red, green, blue, yellow, white, or pink. Then, someone flips three wooden blocks painted with those same colors. If the top side of any block matches your color, you win! It’s a simple game of luck, and you can win a lot if you guess right.

Color Game Exciting Features

                        Feature                           Description
Game Name Color Game
Provider Jili Games
Type Live Bet
Color Variance Red, Yellow, Pink, White, Blue, and Green
Bet Types of Color Game Single Color Bet, Multiple Color Bet,and  Color Range Bet
Types of Interface User-Friendly Interface
Game Variation Dice, Board Game
Color Game Exciting Features
Color Game Exciting Features

Color Game Symbol

No wonder the Color Game stands out! Let’s figure out what its unique symbol means and why it adds to the excitement.

  • Colorful Cubes: The cubes are in bright, primary colors – red, green, blue, and possibly others not shown in the image.
  • Dynamic Glow: The cubes have a glowing effect that suggests excitement and energy.
  • Coins: Gold coins are depicted around the cubes, symbolizing the potential winnings or bets associated with the game.
  • Game Title: The words “COLOR GAME” are prominently displayed, which is the title and the game’s primary focus.
  • Branding: The name “JILI” is visible at the top, which is the brand of the software provider.

Key Features: Basic Rules, Odds, Jackpot, and Road Map

Let’s explore the features of Color Game – where luck attaches.

Basic Rules

  • You play a Color Game with special dice that have six different colors.
  • Before the dice are rolled, you bet on one or more colors. There’s a limit to how much you can bet on each color.
  • Three dice are rolled. You win or lose based on the colors that land face-up.
  • There’s a special way to win the jackpot. It would help if you had the dice to land on a certain color combination; enough people have to bet on that color.
  • If something goes wrong with the game, that round doesn’t count.
  • Once your bet is placed, it counts even if the game gets interrupted later.


  • How you win depends on how many dice match your color.
  • This game has a high RTP (Return to Player) of 96.91%.
  • Check out the odds chart below:
Amount Odds
1 1:1
2 1:2
3 1:9


  • Number of Landed Colors: This emphasizes that your winnings depend on whether one, two, or all three dice land on your chosen color.
  • RTP: RTP is a crucial concept. This means that, for many plays, the game is expected to pay back 96.91% of what’s wagered. This is considered a high RTP, making the game generous to players.
  • Odds Chart: You’d want to include a simple table showing the odds (payouts) like:
Number of Matching Dice Payout
              1 1.5x your bet
              2 5x your bet
              3 20x your bet


Jackpot Game

  • A tiny bit of every bet goes towards a big jackpot.
  • To win the jackpot, you need a unique color combination AND have bet at least 50 on that round.
  • You can bet on multiple colors to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot combination.
  • The jackpot amount you see might be slightly off due to delays.
  • There might be a separate bonus game to determine the jackpot winner.
Name of Jackpot Jackpot game Rewards
Grand 50%
Major 20%
Minor 5%

If two players win the jackpot almost at the same time:

  • The first person to win gets the total jackpot amount.
  • The second person gets a smaller starting jackpot amount.
Jackpot Game
Jackpot Game

If the jackpot game gets interrupted:

  • Don’t worry! The jackpot amount and everyone’s contributions are saved.
  • When the game is fixed, the jackpot will pick back up where it left off.

When someone wins the jackpot:

  • The jackpot amount resets to a starting value of 156,250.
  • The jackpot can grow to any amount – there’s no limit!

Road Map

What the Roadmap Shows:

  • Last 100 Rounds: The roadmap shows which colors won in the past 100 game rounds.
  • Recent Results: The newest winning colors are listed on the left side.
  • Color Stats: The top row tells you how often each color has won in the last 100 rounds.
  • Individual Dice: Below the stats, you’ll see what color each of the three dice landed on for the most recent round.

Game Setting

Switch Chips:  Change the size of the chip you’re using for betting.

  • Change Previous Bet: Use this to adjust what you already bet this round (but you can’t undo your bet completely).
  • Rebet: Repeat your exact bet from the last round.
  • Clear:  Erase all your bets for the current round.
  • Multiply by 2: Double all your bets, but there’s a maximum bet limit so you can’t go crazy.
  • Multiplayer Time Limit: If playing with others, you have a limited time to place your bets each round.
  • Auto: The game will automatically bet the same amount of chips as the last round.


The Color Game at Jilievo Casino is simple, exciting, and a great way to have fun with others. It’s all about guessing the right color to win! The Color Game is a must-try whether you like taking chances, the bright casino atmosphere, or playing with friends. Come experience it for yourself at Jilievo Casino and see why everyone loves this colorful game of chance!

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